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Hey! So, your interested in working together, great!


Let’s go over a few details so you better understand what I do, how it benefits you, and why we’ll be a great fit for each other.


You can hire me for private events, weddings, film shoots, cocktail classes and consulting. Or you can hire me for corporate events. Target, Sunkist, and TBS are just some of the wonderful companies that have teamed with my team to create extraordinary drinks for launch parties and product incorporation.


But why should YOU consider hiring ME? That’s why you’re here after all.


I visit the local farmers markets three times a week and follow the 12 seasons of the year religiously to make cocktails that are not only fresh but are at their maximum flavor. I also have THE COOKS GARDEN BY HGEL, an Urban Farm on Abbott Kinney in Venice growing specific herbs for me such as Cuban oregano, lovage, stinging nettle and borage flowers. Not to mention I recently transplanted my passionfruit vine there, so I hope to make a liqueur with the incredible flowers this year!


By now I’m sure you get the idea that by working together you will be able to offer your guests some of the most creative, fresh, and enjoyable culinary cocktails in world! Trust me, people will talk long after your event is over about the amazing drinks and fresh fruits and herbs that they got to taste while they were at your party.


And I have been lucky enough to have been taught a few things about foraging native plants by Master Wild Forager, Pascal Baudar which has deepened my creativity with cocktails and has opened up a new world of aromatics to me. So imagine that you tell me where you are located, I forage local plants and use those in YOUR drink menu! Incredible right? You just won’t find a cocktail chef like me anywhere else! (if you do let me know I’d love to meet them and swap secrets!)


When you hire my team and me for a special event we will be incorporating all of these elements into your cocktails to bring a one of a kind experience that will leave an imprint for a very long time.


I hope that we partner on your next event. Feel free to get in contact with me by filling out the form below and I’ll reach out immediately.

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